Experienced Project manager and Project architect ///

Working on international construction and development projects has provided me with excellent knowledge of all phases of programme and project cycle techniques and tools, including problem analysis, project design, financial planning and management, implementation, appraisal, reviews, monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance. 

Skilled liaison officer with intercultural competences ///

Having lived and worked in Africa for several years has given me a deep understanding of diversity and cultural sensitivity. I have functioned as a coordinator, mediator and facilitator when working across different cultures, backgrounds and interest, ensuring that all involved parties are well informed about procedures and goals. 

Professional development worker ///

Through many years of involvement in NGO activities in Westafrica I have practiced participatory management, capacity building and ensuring local ownership and long term sustainability when working within the fields of disaster and risk reduction, sustainable building, natural resource management, climate change and environment.


I consider myself as a creative, enterprising, innovative and professional worker. I am an outgoing person, who meets my co-workers at eye level and ensure a comfortable, involving and respectful atmosphere where knowledge and ideas can be shared. My work experience has enabled me to adjust and adapt quickly to unforeseen events, and I work well, both individually and in interdisciplinary teams. 

I am fluent in French and English with extensive knowledge of Bambara and Swahili.